1. When you don't want to take your coat off in a restaurant because you're wearing a posture brace over your clothes.
  2. When you're finding things hard and the only comfort you can get is by singing songs to yourself...
  3. When you tell a 'friend' you're seriously ill and they say I hope you're feeling better as if you had a cold.
  4. When you spend every day of your life fighting the selfishness than depression brings but the one day that you miss, you're branded selfish 'til the end of time.
  5. When, to begin with, depression always affected your immune system but you've had it for so long it no longer makes you at risk to viruses.
  6. When you're encouraged to go and see a film you know you're going to hate because it will distract you from doing something 'silly'
  7. When someone says he has 'borderline depression' because he has a hangover #takingthepiss
  8. When your depression doesn't seem to follow the usual patterns e.g. I don't have the Black Dog feeling...
  9. Tube and train tracks have the power to 'draw me in'.
  10. When you're too much of a high-functioning depression, that you have to constantly explain to people that you are ill.
  11. That the usual things that appear in depressive people like poor hygiene, do not appear in you until it's way too late.
  12. When you find yourself exaggerating your 'happy' face even more to people who cannot understand how one person can be unhappy for more than a day.
  13. When you find yourself laughing about your own death (yeh, I know; it's dark humour, okay?)
  14. When a change of counsellor causes you to crash.

List is ongoing 😃