I'm writing this on Christmas Day because I've just received another cuddly dog to add to my collection. Yep, I'm 47 years old and I still have a cuddly toy that I take to bed.

If I lost it, I would be devastated. It's a comfort thing. He was with me in Hospital when I was recovering from an attempt to take my own life. If I could take him with me everywhere, I would. But, I'm worried about losing him. So he only comes with me whilst I'm away from home. A night spent without him is unthinkable and I panic if I can't find him.

Am I ashamed to have him? No. He's now part of an ever increasing family and is a family private joke 😃

I've had my original dawgie, now for 20 odd years. I bought him in London from the Manhattan Toy Company. This is now known as Jellycats.

Still the same company, just a change of name.