Writing this blog is like going back to my childhood, of which I have never left. I used to write in journals as a child as a way to help me go through some difficult times. It eventually progressed onto short stories and poetry.

Writing has always been a good way for me to vocalise what I want to say, although as an adult I never used writing as a form of therapy. It was just there. It was like I moved onto something 'better' than my childhood journals but without the need for privacy.

Most creative people suffer from depression. Note I say 'most'. It's what can help to drive their art and the passion for it. I don't know whether creativeness comes before the depression or depression comes before the creativeness. Or perhaps they come hand in hand. Who knows?

I don't think I will ever stop writing something. It's a big part of me although I fight the notion that I am a skilled or talented writer. Some may say differently. But, it's like book reviewing; I will always come back to it even if I have lost the passion to do anything else.

Has it helped me? Yes, I think so. It certainly did as a child when I had no one to talk to. It didn't help me solve the problems I was having but it certainly stopped me from feeling so alone.